Sunday, August 07, 2005

Forging Ahead

I have been checking back here for a couple of weeks hoping for a new post, something to jumpstart the discussion, with not much luck. So I'll take a bit of a leap here, and just launch a new line of thought:

With summer plans wrapping up, syllabus design furiously underway, and Hall's book under our proverbial belts, what plans are you making for the new school year? What do you hope to change about your own academic self?

Because I am starting my first tenure-track job but not my first full-time job, I've got that uncommon opportunity to begin crafting an identity with a close-to-blank slate, but without many of the anxieties of the first job. But as a social animal in a new town, I feel like one of my first priorities is not Rersearch (which I'll have time for) or teaching (which I believe I'm already pretty good at), but collegiality. as the new face in the dept. (but not the new face of the dept, I'd imagine), I will be learning the culture and engaging with it in a variety of new ways--so my first representations of that new self will be the people with whom I physically share my academic building--the poepl who read my syllabi, my writing or my cv will probably come a little later.

Other plans? How has this summer, this book, and this discussion group helped hone your outlook on AY 2005-2006?