Monday, June 06, 2005

Introducing Myself

I'm a professor of Humanities at a small private university in northern New York. Clarkson used to style itself as a tech school, but in recent years has been moving toward making itself a more comprehensive institution. I am a poet & teach literature & creative writing classes, along with courses that primarily serve the general education mission. Over the last decade my primary research interest has been Vietnamese literature, language & culture--in 2000-2001 I lived & studied in Hanoi as a Fulbright Research Scholar. I am currently translating an 18th century Vietnamese anti-war lament spoken in the voice of a wife left behind when her husband has been drafted into the emperor's army. I'm tenured & was promoted to Full four years ago. I was recently one of two nominees to chair my department & was not chosen by the dean for the position, which has not made me bitter, but has given me the freedom to take certain, let us say, astringent, positions. I live with my wife & three (or four or five, depending on who is sleeping over) dogs on the Raquette River in St. Lawrence County, NY.

Note: I've been reading through everyone's comments & would like to suggest that folks put their bios or introductions on the main blog rather than in comments--much easier to see & track that way.